Welcome to your source for laser-cut decor panels to suit your style and ambience!

Our business began by providing industrial laser-cutting and bending services - first for various machine manufacturers, and now for the architecture and interior design space. Our manufacturing is based in the EU and we service and distribute throughout Europe and the USA.

We use cutting-edge technology to bring stylish and functional design features that provide a unique touch to your project. Our current process involves the use of a fiber laser, the latest in sheet metal cutting. The final product is a finely cut, durable and versatile work of art made to augment the space it calls home.

We offer curated designs to complement your chosen style, as well as custom solutions made to fit our clients’ requirements. We use carbon steel as a budget friendly option, but we also offer stainless steel and aluminum as additional material choices. Our laser-cut decor panels can be powder coated to match any color of your choice and withstand all weather conditions without the need for maintenance.

Your project is our top priority. Reach out and see how we can help you stand out from the crowd!